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Volunteer First Responders in action, leaving an event quickly to answer a call they have just been paged to.

Why South Dakota Salutes?

Every day thousands of South Dakota First Responders and Military Personnel stand ready to serve and protect the citizens of our state against the tragedies of the unknown. The very fabric of our society is held together by the consistent thread of safety they provide. When we need them, we know the men and women who dedicate their lives to serving and protecting, either full-time, part-time, or as volunteers, will be there for us all 24/7/365.

South Dakota Salutes was organized to demonstrate the appreciation felt by the clear majority of South Dakota Citizens towards the selfless dedication and service provided by members of our Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, EMT’s and Military.

Jill Miller Christmas 3.png
Firefighters | 8,000
Law Enforcement | 1,800
National Guard & Reserve | 4,300
Military Veterans | 72,000
EMTs | 3,000
Active Military | ?????

Total | 89,000

South Dakota
By the Numbers

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