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Connect us with Media

We've got a great story to tell, and we appreciate any help that can be offered to tell it. 

Our goals are simple:

  • Show sincere appreciation to those South Dakotans who serve and protect; we do this by holding events, along with providing financial and emotional support where possible.

  • Support the families of those who lose their life in the line of duty through immediate monetary gifts provided to them when they are most distressed.

  • Support emergency response organizations in their efforts to protect lives and property by helping them acquire necessary items to protect themselves and save lives of those they serve.

Do you know decision makers in South Dakota media organizations that would respond to a lead from you? Would you be willing to help us share the story? Let us know how you are willing and able to help...

Be a part of something special. Show the people who dedicate themselves to serving and protecting that their dedication doesn't go unnoticed--they are appreciated!

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