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South Dakota Salutes | Loss of Life Fund

A special trust fund intended to bridge the immediate financial concerns of families of South Dakota First Responders who have died in the “line of duty.” Within three days of a line-of-duty death, a check for $10,000 is issued from our South Dakota Salutes First Responder Trust Fund and “personally delivered” to benefit the family.


The heart-felt letters of appreciation we have received from the surviving families, thanking us for helping them bridge the gap of financial uncertainty during this most difficult time, support our intention to perpetuate this fund.

South Dakota's Fallen Heroes

The South Dakota Salutes organization honors our state's first responders and military--those brave men and women who protect and serve through their full-time, part-time, and volunteer commitments to the citizens of South Dakota.

Since our group's inception in the Fall of 2016, several of those heroes have lost their life while on-duty. We honor their service here and also pay tribute to their families who supported them in that service.

Click images to learn more about each fallen hero.
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