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Volunteer at our Appreciation Event

If you'd like an opportunity to show your appreciation to South Dakota's First Responders and Military personnel, we're always looking for help.

There are morning and afternoon sessions available each day. Of course, you're welcome to volunteer for a full day, or both days!

Here is a partial listing of volunteer possibilities:

  • Registration

  • Station Master (operate control that releases targets)

  • Food and beverage carts

  • Photography

  • Set-up and tear-down

  • Greet guests, thank them for their service, cheer them on

  • and more...

To volunteer, register by following the link in the button below. Or, for more information, please call Marilyn at 605-929-7196

Be a part of something special. Show the people who dedicate themselves to serving and protecting that their dedication doesn't go unnoticed--they are appreciated!

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