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South Dakota Salutes | Special Needs Fund

This fund was created through the vision of an individual donor, whose intent was to provide “seed money” that would be used to raise matching local funds, with proceeds targeted to fund unmet needs of emergency service organizations throughout South Dakota.

That initial "matching funds" criteria was met through a partnership with the Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents of South Dakota (IIASD) and the Trusted Choice agents throughout the state. The IIASD group had been administering a similar grant program over several years, and supported South Dakota Salutes in quickly utilizing their process of application and grant selection, allowing the initial funds received to be quickly and efficiently deployed.

Grants Awarded

In the summer of 2021 the South Dakota Salutes organization reviewed grant applications submitted through the IIASD by volunteer fire departments in district 3 (east river) and district 7 (west river). From the applications submitted, the Lennox and Custer VFDs were selected to receive a $5,000 South Dakota Salutes grant matched by another $5,000 provided by the IIASD.

Since those first two grants, South Dakota Salutes has continued to receive donations into our Special Needs Fund, which is administered through the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation. As we receive funds, we work to deploy those funds to emergency response organizations throughout South Dakota.

Through this process, it has become clear the needs of emergency response organizations throughout South Dakota are underfunded for the services they must fulfill. As we work to raise funds for these special needs, South Dakota Salutes challenges donors to recognize the importance of this effort and fund the effort with us!

The South Dakota Salutes Special Needs Fund is administered through the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation. Donations to support additional grants to rural South Dakota emergency response organizations are appreciated; checks may be mailed to:

Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation

South Dakota Salutes Special Project Fund

200 N. Cherapa Place

Sioux Falls, SD 57103-2205

Click images below to learn more about each grant.

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