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Viborg VFD

Grant - December 16, 2021

The Viborg Fire Dept applied for a grant for new helmets to replace their severely dated helmets through a program offered by the Independent Insurance Agents of South Dakota. Although that grant request was not originally selected from over 40 applications, a second review of the applications by a South Dakota Salutes team identified this as a request that we wanted to support.

From their application:

"...a risk assessment of the current status of our aged equipment has led us to start the process of replacing our personal protective equipment over the last several years. This will allow for the Viborg and Cameron Colony firefighters to replace the PPE helmets varying from 15-25 years of service."

While the grant from South Dakota Salutes is not sufficient to purchase a the quantity of helmets needed, it is our hope the money from South Dakota Salutes can be used as "seed money" to give other local supporters a reason to make a similar donation to their local fire department.

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