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Colome VFD

Grant - February 6, 2023

In late-January 2023 we traveled to Colome, SD to deliver a $5,000 check from our Special Needs Fund to their volunteer fire department. The organization is working to raise more than $50,000 to purchase at least eight SCBA's and two air bottles for each. These air breathing apparatuses are critical for the protection of their volunteer fire fighters.

Using an application process managed by the Independent Insurance Agents of South Dakota we identified the Colome Volunteer Fire Department to receive a $5,000 grant. Although that grant request was not originally selected from over 50 applications, a second review of the IIASD applications by a South Dakota Salutes team identified their request as one that would be supported.

This grant was made possible due to a generous donation to South Dakota Salutes from Sammons Financial Group Companies in Sioux Falls.

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