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New Underwood VFD

Grant - December 7, 2021

The New Underwood VFD applied for a grant for two thermal imaging cameras through a program offered by the Independent Insurance Agents of South Dakota. Although that grant request was not originally selected from over 40 applications, a second review of the applications by a South Dakota Salutes team identified this as a request that we wanted to support.

From their application:

"We currently do not have any thermal imaging equipment but have found by using such items with our neighboring departments that it lessens the time searching for individuals who are trapped in environments that are Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH), namely structure fires."

​The grant from South Dakota Salutes is not sufficient to purchase a new thermal imaging camera, but the resourceful staff were able to locate and purchase a used/refurbished unit which they happily demonstrated on our visit.

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